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Industry Experience


With California Auto Registration Specialist, you will have over 30+ years of combined DMV auto service experience. There is plenty knowledge in our staff that we can assist in any of our client’s needs. Whether you’re a commercial client that requires initial fleet registrations or the standard registration renewal. We can do it all! Please visit the services section to view all of the services our company provides and if you don’t see a particular service please ask. Most likely we do offer it! 


 Our clients vary greatly from commercial fleet companies to auto dealers. That’s not to say that we can’t help the average consumer. We can provide all DMV automotive related services. We understand the average company or consumer would rather spend their time more productively than waiting hours at the DMV to process a simple registration issue only to be told you missing paper work or it has been done incorrectly. With California Auto Registration Specialist, you can be assured we will complete your work properly in a timely matter 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Here at California Auto Registration Specialist we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customer service. You can always expect to receive the best service and the best work at the best price, that will never change! Our clients have been with us for over 8 years. That serves to the commitment we have to each and every one of them. No matter if it’s one-time client or multi year client we are committed to fulfilling our client’s needs.


DMV Services


As a charted member of the DMV’s public -private partnership, California Auto Registration Specialist eliminates the need to have paperwork process at the DMV field offices or service centers. Here is a list of the most popular services that we offer: registration renewal, duplicate stickers, duplicate registration, duplicate plates, duplicate titles, off road renewal, water craft renewal, fleet registration, transfer of ownership, out of state vehicles, VIN verification, salvage junk vehicles, dealer purchase vehicles, lien sales, problem titles and impound release.


If you do not see it above please ask! I’m sure we can help with your needs 

Support Staff


We are always available to consult with you over the phone by calling (626) 593-4200. Appointments are needed for an in-office consultation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Record Keeping


A record of your transaction will be kept with our secure files should you ever need it in the future. It’s always a good idea to have detailed records when dealing in titles and transfers. Our customers can rely on us to provide such documents should they ever need them. Its part of our overall commitment to our customers. 

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We are licensed to provide vehicle Registration service to the public, but our company is NOT a branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles ( Posting of this is notice is required, per Section 11406(d), CVC)

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